Why do IT companies choose Surat as a perfect workplace?

Why do IT companies choose Surat as a perfect workplace?

Surat is a city located in western India, State of Gujarat. It is the eighth-largest city in India, also known for its vibrant diamond and textile industries. Surat the city of business has also shaken hands with the new techno world and has open arms for the IT industries, Chemical Industries.

The city has a lot of trade history to offer as a treat, being the “Silk City of India “is not the only title but the city has 90% of cut and polished diamonds, along with the spirit of entrepreneurship, Surat city has widened its horizons to the upcoming change in technologies and has an ample number of IT industries, coworking spaces, chemical industries coming down the alley.

IT companies are increasingly choosing Surat as a perfect workplace for several reasons. Surat, located in the Indian state of Gujarat, has emerged as a hub for IT and IT-enabled services in recent years. Here are some reasons why IT companies choose Surat as a perfect workplace:

Skilled Workforce: Surat has a large pool of skilled and talented IT professionals. The city has several engineering and technical institutes that produce a large number of graduates every year. This means that IT companies have access to a large pool of talented and skilled workers, making it easier for them to find and hire the right people for their teams.

Cost-Effective: Compared to other major cities in India, Surat has a lower cost of living and doing business. This means that IT companies can operate at a lower cost while still enjoying the benefits of a skilled workforce and modern infrastructure. Additionally, co-working spaces like the Excluzo Business Centre & Coworking Spaces in Surat offer cost-effective options for businesses to set up their operations.

Quality of Life: Surat is a modern and vibrant city with a high quality of life. The city has excellent healthcare facilities, international schools, and a range of entertainment options. This makes it an attractive destination for IT professionals who are looking for a good work-life balance.

Supportive Government: The Gujarat state government is supportive of the IT industry and has implemented several policies to encourage its growth. The state government has set up IT parks and provided tax incentives to IT companies that set up their operations in the state. One of the leading policies introduced by the government of India is the IT / iTes 2022-27 policy under which it is assumed that the Gujarat IT sector can contribute up to 10% to the GDP. Additionally, the government has also taken steps to improve the ease of doing business in the state.

Infrastructure: Surat has excellent infrastructure, including modern airports, highways, and railways, making it easy for businesses to connect with other cities in India and the world. The city has also invested in modern IT infrastructure, including high-speed internet connectivity, which is essential for IT companies to operate smoothly, also offered by the coworking spaces in Surat.

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Coworking Spaces: Coworking spaces in general are office premises that allow different companies under one roof to work and interact. This module is introduced to effectively reduce the cost of big industries or companies to establish their own big offices and add on to their cost. This module also has generated a boost to welcome the IT industries towards the city. Coworking spaces can be called an escape to work out, as the new remote work has generated an era of working from home. Coworking offers individuals to interact with like-minded people and be more productive in their work.

The coworking spaces in Surat, are a good escape, but the best one to find a professional atmosphere and ambience which offers you mental peace to work at ease is Excluzo Business Centre & Coworking Space, located in Surat. Excluzo Business Centre & Coworking Space in Surat have offered the quality prerequisite to their clients. The private cabins meeting rooms, conference rooms, or coworking spaces. At Excluzo Business Centre & Coworking Space, not only premium quality services but also very compassionate people, who are always ready and excited to help and guide you for the better.

In summary, IT companies choose Surat as a perfect workplace due to its skilled workforce, cost-effectiveness, excellent infrastructure, supportive government, high quality of life, and New modules of coworking spaces. Excluzo Business Centre & Coworking Space in Surat provides a range of co-working spaces and facilities that enable businesses to set up their operations in Surat easily and cost-effectively, if you are in search of a coworking space in Surat, you have landed at the right destination.


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