Meeting Rooms in Surat

Meetings are no hassle any more.

Meeting Rooms in Surat: No More Boring Meetings

Don’t you want to enjoy your client meetings or your Team Meetings with your team and colleagues over a hot cup of coffee in a fully furnished space with all the latest technologies in it? So, are you looking out for spaces in Surat? Then, we have surely had a lot of things to your surprise.

Meeting Rooms in Surat is very well equipped with fully furnished office equipment and latest technologies are been setup for business purpose. While selecting an office space it is very important to identify a proper location and meeting space in Surat is situated at the heart of Surat City. Office spaces are very important for any organization from where you have to run your daily business operations.

Some Interesting facts about Surat which everyone should know
  • Surat is home to India’s largest hub for manufacturing artificial fabrics.
  • Surat is popular as the world’s largest hub for diamond cutting and polishing.
  • Surat is the third cleanest city in India.
  • Surat is the commercial hub in South Gujarat.


What’s special about our meeting room is that you will find all kinds of conference rooms according to your requirements. It has all sorts of conference rooms from budget-friendly to premium class depending upon your choice.

An Excellent Location

Take advantage of our service of Meeting Room at a location ensuring the best connectivity to all modes of transport.

Top-Notch Ambience

To make your minor meetings wonderfully happen, reap the benefits of Meeting Room at Excluzo.

Refreshment Services Available

To cater to the need for reducing stress and pressure at meetings our pantry services stocked with Tea, Coffee, and other Beverages are available to lighten your mood and keep your energy active.

Multi Options To Book

We are flexible to take your bookings of Meeting Room for per hour, half or full day.

Reception Support

Our reception support services ensure the well being of our clients and enhance their experience.
Need of a good Meeting Room

Due to the sudden increase of startup companies in India, there has been a demand for co-working spaces where the company can host client meetings, and use them for different purposes like Interview meetings and Team meetings, etc as it will be convenient and also economically feasible to the startups.

Gives You a Good Impression

The main benefit of finding out a meeting space is that it should give a good first impression that it is well equipped with the latest technologies and gives the notion about your organization as a whole. It will help in the successful promotion of the business.


Due to the high rent for office space meeting space, Excluzo offers you different types of Meeting spaces for all your business purpose at an affordable cost for your company.

Our company has different solutions for workspaces like
  • Meeting /Conference / Training Room for formal customer and Team meetings.
  • Training rooms for training and development purposes.
  • Workstations – Shared office spaces or workstations depending on the requirement.
  • Executive offices- Wholly made cabins specifically for managers or executives.
  • Business Lounges- For product Lounges or for casual meetings.
  • Event spaces- For conducting different corporate events like Diwali parties or other big events.

Finding an Ideal meeting room is very essential for any company as the office rent is the main cost of expenditure for any business. So, what are you waiting for? Just contact our Executives today itself to book meeting space in your favorite city.


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