Post-Covid Scenario Causing The Rise Of Coworking Spaces

The Surge in Coworking Spaces

Many huge MNCs and entrepreneurs realized that the working dynamics will need to change to survive the COVID pandemic and that’s when Coworking Spaces or Shared Office Spaces witnessed a surge. Corporates started to modify their CRE strategy (Corporate Real Estate) by reducing their working operation cost and providing their employees with workstations in their hometowns. The model was far-fetched to attain sustainable global service providers by dividing their employees into 2 tier cities or their home towns that had such Coworking Spaces available with required amenities. This resulted in flexible, hybrid, and decentralized coworking spaces.

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Corporates realised that the efficiency and functionality of their employees have increased immensely and they are saving a fortune with this too. This was also letting employees have the best of both worlds; providing productivity and sociability at work and freedom and flexibility at home.

Innovation and policy changes to adapt for coworking spaces came up due to pandemic occurrence but the unanswered question was is this going to get back to where it was pre covid scenario?

Corporates strategically didn’t choose to come to the previous normal and choose to let the employees work in such coworking spaces at their own pace, Innovations came in such shared spaces by introducing meeting rooms and conference rooms. Like the ones present at Excluzo which helps employees to have regular meetings for planning their workflows and then go back to their respective desk spaces. These amenities have been a top knot priority for some corporates.

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Now is the time for safety, security, and health to take center stage. Corporates adapted for Coworking Spaces because they cannot let another Covid strain ruin their potential office space and that is why they focused on going digital all the way. Pandemic has been a turning point for the way this world functions. The future is flexible Coworking Space as it offers a win-win solution for all stakeholders as the epidemic continues to impact how we function.